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Now we're in our 60's -- and 50's, 70's, 80's and 90's -- creating a new revolution: using food and nutrition to promote active and healthy aging.

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Alzheimer’s disease and the ketogenic diet

When it comes to Alzheimer’s Disease, we’d all love to hear about a cure.  Better yet, we’d love to hear about fool-proof prevention.  Diet and nutrition are certainly on the radar screen for prevention research, but at the moment we have mostly speculation.  The mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease aren’t even clear.  Are the infamous plaques […]

What’s in my kitchen

Just tell me what to eat! Nutrition professionals frequently get overly-enthused about communicating everything about everything with it comes to food and nutrition.  You’re worried about blood glucose?  Here’s a primer on how insulin works in response to digestion.  You’re wondering about digestive health?  Here’s a primer on how gut microbes and their metabolites interact […]

Omega-3 fats and healthier aging

The headlines for a recently published study on aging might have you running for the omega-3 supplement aisle: Omega-3s in Fish Oils Tied to Healthy Aging screams the New York Times, among others So what’s the rest of the story?  First, this is one of the better studies I’ve seen, because the results are based on […]

Coffee and collagen for your skin

I don’t feel [__] years old. Why should I look old? If this thought has crossed your mind, was your skin one of the main reasons?  Aside from hair, skin is the first thing that greets us when we look in the mirror.  While women can obsess too much about minuscule or imagined flaws, it’s […]

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Hydration and cystitis

Cystitis — a bladder infection — is a really annoying medical condition that’s particularly common in women.  It’s painful and can have a severe impact on quality of life, plus put you at risk for health complications like kidney infections.  The usual treatment is antibiotics, although there’s some evidence that cranberry juice can help (not […]

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Making sense of omega-3 supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most — if not themost — popular supplements on the market.  They come in different brands and different doses and different forms.  It can get confusing.  If you’re taking one, how did you choose it?  Full disclosure: I’ve been taking omega-3 for many years, and sometimes I’m even […]