Donna Psiaki Feldman, MS RDN, is a nutrition writer and author of Food Wisdom for Women” and “Feed Your Vegetarian Teen“, now available in a 2nd edition.  She has been a registered dietitian for 40 years and holds a Masters Degree in nutrition and communications from Cornell University.  Her work experiences include patient counseling, writing on health and diet, recipe development, food service management, college-level teaching, running a personal chef business, nutrition research, software development and restaurant cooking.

People define “nutrition” in different ways.  It could mean:

  • taking supplements
  • using fortified shakes and energy bars
  • a quest to consume the perfect amount of calories, protein, fiber or fat
  • a life of Eating-By-Numbers, counting calories or grams of this or that
  • eating as few calories as possible, not matter what you eat
  • following rigid and restrictive rules for “healthy” food choices
  • chasing the latest diet fad

I don’t think it’s any of those.  Originally nutrition was all about food and only food.  And since we do all need to eat food everyday, we need to keep the focus on food as our primary source of nutrition.  When we try to reduce nutrition to nutrients and numbers, we lose the sense that food should be enjoyed.  “Nutrition” starts to sound like the enemy of taste, flavor and enjoyment.  No wonder people have such negative views of healthy food.

Several years ago, I started blogging about nutrition and food to give consumers accurate and simplified information about food, diet and nutrition.  As I’ve gotten older, nutrition and food issues unique to older women have become extremely important to me personally.  My educational and professional background give me the tools to seek out and sort through reliable and actionable nutrition information.  I wrote “Food Wisdom for Women” to share that information with other women who are interested in enhancing their health as they age, but who might not be able to find or evaluate the best information.