If your vision of aging includes an active and rewarding life infused with as much vitality, energy and health as possible, “Food Wisdom for Women” is for you. You’ll find nutrition information on a diverse set of topics of concern to us all, such as eye health, bone strength, supplements, digestive health and brain function.

Food Wisdom for Women” is written by Donna Feldman, MS RDN. She has been a registered dietitian for almost 40 years and holds a Masters Degree in nutrition and communications from Cornell University.

Not only does Donna write books, she also enjoys blogging about nutrition and food to give consumers accurate and simplified information about food, diet and nutrition.

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Sugar craving control

Lately my blog topics originate at my local rec center. Last week, sugar cravings came up in a conversation next ...
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“Tell me something new!”

When I hear people talking about diets or nutrition, I usually tune in. Even when I'm not officially part of ...
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The Future of Fish is Tech

I love fish. I grew up eating fresh fish, purchased from a retail fish store in our town. These were ...
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